Unique Destinations. Midwest Experiences.

Unique Destinations. Midwest Experiences.


Destinations Bound

This video series takes the viewer on a journey of both large and small places in an informative, fun, and at times quirky way. Episodes will be shared in a multitude of ways including streaming, websites, social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) and broadcast TV.  Destinations Bound has dynamic and engaging hosts and digital marketing partners with  years of talent, experience and passion to bring our clients and viewers a captivating and powerful showcase that shines a light on the individual attraction and personality of a selected business or locale.


World-class videography services. From conception and location scouting to the final edits and export, we have you covered.

Host & Talent

Our hosts take the time to learn about your destination so they can deliver an authentic, relatable experience for viewers.


Our marketing team works with you to develop and execute a custom marketing plan, tailored to your goals.

How we work

We develop a digital marketing plan that is laser focused on success, customizing a plan with your target demographics, geographical locations, audience goals, highlighted points of interest, and more.


We are unique in the fact that we can produce the video for a long 30 minute film for streaming on YouTube and broadcast TV, and then offer impactful shorter clips for use on social media, and websites.


Please contact us soon to set up a free consultation to find out further details and how we can make your community, area, and/or business stand out and story told.



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