Meet the Team


James Netz

Videographer, Producer

James is a entrepreneur, film maker, photographer, and owner/producer/director of Destinations Bound.  James has lived and worked in a multitude of environments, from big cities and giant corporations, to his beloved Northwoods of Wisconsin, working for himself.  James produced his first full-length movie, all about the Greek Gods, in 6th grade. His teacher loved it, and this reaction sparked his love and appreciation of video, filmmaking, and photography. James refocused his love of tourism and destination marketing into Destinations Bound - after many successful years of work in the tourism industry as the owner of James Netz Photography and Due North Digital.  He loves his work, traveling with clients, discovering interesting locations and businesses, and bringing them to light for the viewers of Destinations Bound.

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Lenora Ludzack

Videographer, Producer

Lenora Ludzack grew up in the southern part of Wisconsin, but often traveled to northern Wisconsin to visit her family's property near Barnes. She loved the northwoods so much that after high school she made Cable her home. Lenora has one son and two grandchildren. She went to college for restaurant and business management and worked at Telemark in the coffee shop. Later, she was a mail carrier for 23 years - and during that time she discovered her love for photography. Alongside her friend, Lenora took a photography class offered by James, and the rest was history. Lenora has learned much from James over the years, and is often his second shooter at events and weddings. Eventually, Lenora began managing James Netz Wildlife Gallery  full time. Lenora loves her new role - everyday is something new, and she loves meeting and working with the clientele that comes through the door.


Casey Petersen

Editor, Videographer

Casey grew up in Willmar, Minnesota, where he was inspired by his father's love of photography, and his job as a graphic designer for Lowell Lundstrom Ministries, whose office space included a full television studio for their weekly broadcasts completely mesmerized and enthralled Casey, and that's where his love of video production began, at the young age of 11. Purchasing a camcorder was a huge investment for the family, and Casey began filming concerts, basketball games, football games, and spent a lot of time editing highlight videos, and making creative introductions with rudimentary graphics, using just a camcorder and a VCR. Casey went to college at the University of Northwestern - St. Paul and got his degree in Broadcasting. He went to work for a small video production company in the Twin Cities in 1997, filming weddings, concerts, events, and doing corporate productions. Editing video has been his favorite part of the production process. In 2013, Casey founded Master Designer Studios, where he continues to follow his passions of filming, editing, and photography.

Kassie and Emily

Kassie & Emily

North of Eight Design & Marketing

Kassie and Emily work hand-in-hand with Desinations Bound clients to develop and execute digital marketing plans tailored to their needs.

From Facebook and Youtube to Tik Tok - these gals will ensure you hit your marketing goals with creative and fun social media campaigns.