Destinations Bound travels the midwest and beyond, telling the stories of the people and places that make up our great communities. Our goal is to take the stress out of video marketing for our clients by offering our expertise at every stage of the project. From storyboarding and concepting, to social promotion and marketing - the team at Destinations Bound has you covered.

What to Expect

Our clients can expect our full attention to detail, our unbridled passion for storytelling and exploration, artistic and marketing experience, and project location scouting and management. Destinations Bound’s focus is to provide a collaborative project that will result in a video that exceeds your expectations and draws attention to what you offer.


All the details to plan the shoot from scheduling to logistics, travel arrangements, securing the right team, talent and location.

The team at Destinations Bound works with you to identify where videography can best be utilized in your marketing mix. We'll collaborate with you to conceptualize a creative strategy that hits all the right notes in a way that’s compelling, engaging and unique.


During the production phase we take the hammer to the nail by putting all of the pre-production planning into action. The extremely talented team at Destinations Bound will go above and beyond to turn your vision into reality. This is where we breathe life into your idea. We'll weather the storm to capture the perfect shot. No vision or dream is too big for our team to grasp and conceptualize.

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Through the art of visual-storytelling and cinematography, we'll work together to convey your message through engaging video and imagery that speaks volumes about your brand. The finished product will be a powerful addition to your marketing strategy, helping to tell your brand story in a way that no other medium can.

Post Production

Post production is where the magic happens. It’s where the storyline is fine-tuned and the video clips are combined to create a polished, finished product. It is composed of the complete editing process from color correction, the addition of special effects, transitions and music along with sound corrections.

The shots we create during our sessions are yours. Free and clear. It’s one of the services that makes Destinations Bound truly unique in the industry. After a project, you don’t leave with a two minute video alone. You’ll have access to hours of footage to repackage and repurpose for future projects.

Campaign Planning

You'll work directly with our digital marketing partner to develop a customized campaign suited to your goals. We'll review your target market (demographics, locations, etc.) and identify the proper media mix to reach them on their social channels.

We'll curate the footage library from your shoot and repackage the long-form video into bite-sized content, perfect for social media consumption.

Campaign Execution

With years of experience developing and executing paid digital media campaigns, the team at Destinations Bound will take a strategic approach to your digital ad spend. Once the campaign plan has been approved, we'll get to work making sure we're reaching the right audience to help you build your destination's brand.